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Jun 30 2021


17:00 - 18:00


ASIS Ukraine

Security Awareness Training: “Admissibility of Electronic Evidence in Security: Computer Crime

Organized by ASIS Ukraine.

  • Text: ASIS Ukraine Security Awareness Training “Admissibility of Electronic Evidence in Security: Computer Crime Detection Techniques”
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    Maksym Litvinov, PhD, is a cybersecurity expert with a 25-year advanced
    career in law enforcement. At the police stage of his career, Maksym used
    the experience of fighting economic crime and crimes related to human
    trafficking, bringing together colleagues from various police structures in
    the first independent unit in the Ministry of Internal Affairs to combat
    cybercrime. The success of the unit under his leadership was repeatedly
    noted not only in Ukraine, but also abroad (effective international special
    operations, the implementation of the Convention on Cybercrime, the
    creation of a national contact point 24/7).
    The first Situational Center in Ukraine for ensuring the cybersecurity of
    critical infrastructure and government organizations was formed under the
    leadership of Maksym during the period of mass APT attacks (2015-2017),
    which became a real challenge for the Ukrainian big business. His
    understanding of the strategic directions of the development of the national
    cybersecurity system, forms and methods of public-private partnership
    allowed him to create in a short time a team of professionals capable of
    countering intelligence and organized hacker groups and mitigating cyber
    risks for business.
    Maksym's key competencies include the ability to combine the innovative
    capabilities of modern technologies and the conservative requirements of
    law; analytics and forecasting, considering strategic, operational, and
    tactical risks; the ability to integrate applied knowledge from the fields of
    economics, law and IT into specific business tasks related to cybersecurity
    audits, sensitive investigations, and the introduction of means and rational
    cyber defense measures.
    PhD in Law with a degree in digital evidence and computer crime detection


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